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Machine Sex

At $ 125, this is a good deal for a beginner fuck machine. The thrusting is adjustable up to 3 thrusts per second, with a depth of 3 inches. It's a bit slower than bigger machines, and it's much more noisy, but it gets the job done at a quarter of the price.
At $ 40 it's a tenth the cost of big sex machines. The main downsides? It only has a thrusting depth of 1.2 inches, it's noisy, and the max speed is only one thrust per second. But if you're okay with that, you'll probably be into this guy (and vice versa).
The Velvet Thrusters are "a handheld sex machine with the power of a full size", and at $ 200, it's fairly cheap. They've got a thrusting depth of 3 inches, and max speed of 2.5 thrusts per second. The entire thing is 11 inches long with a 6.5 inch insertable end, and it bends up to 90 degrees so it stays comfortable.